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June 1, 2021

Dear Valued Clients and Friends:


           In August of 2003 Mike McReynolds and Dick Tye formed the law firm of McReynolds & Tye, P.C.  Throughout the years, it has been our absolute privilege and pleasure to work with our team to serve our clients.  Changing times have now, however, led us, after much thought and deliberation, to begin new pathways in our careers.  Our law firm will cease operations; and Mike and Dick will begin their gradual and phased retirements from the practice of law. 


           Martin McReynolds will start his own law office, where Mike will continue his work on an office-sharing basis.  They will continue to be available at their current phone, fax and email.  Their practices will focus primarily on oil, gas, and mineral law. You can learn more about the practice at


           Matt Lovell and Dick will join the law firm of Clark Hill PLC, where they will continue their practice in the areas of tax and estate planning.  Clark Hill PLC provides legal services in a broad array of legal specialties; and you may learn more about the firm at


            On June 7, 2021, each of us may be reached at the following addresses:


Martin D. McReynolds                                               Michael L. McReynolds

Law Office of Martin D. McReynolds                       Law Office of Michael L. McReynolds

8610 N. New Braunfels Ave., Suite 609                    8610 N. New Braunfels Ave., Suite 609

San Antonio, Texas  78217                                          San Antonio, Texas   78217

Telephone  (210) 227-8800                                         Telephone   (210) 227-8800


Matthew D. Lovell                                                       Richard H. Tye

Clark Hill PLC                                                             Clark Hill PLC

2301 Broadway                                                            2301 Broadway

San Antonio, Texas  78215                                          San Antonio, Texas  78215

Direct  (210) 250-6188                                                 Direct (210) 250-6187

Mobile (210) 294-3121                                                  Mobile (210) 290-7459                                      


            We are planning to make this change without any interruption to the legal services that we are currently providing.  Please call us if we can help you in any manner.


            You have our very best wishes.

Martin D. McReynolds                                               Michael L. McReynolds



Matthew D. Lovell                                                     Richard H. Tye

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